If you have ever wondered why book publishers spend so much on amazing book cover designs or online businesses pay top dollar for eye-catching home page web design, it is to attract attention, and that is exactly why businesses invest in top-quality sign installaters for on and outside their business premises.

Imagine entering a retail park with a dozen or so retail outlets; which one is going to turn your head and induce you to walk in? The answer is the one whose signage stands out from all the others. Even driving along the road, you will see signs and billboards, and we guarantee that the one that will stick in your mind is the one that catches your eye due to its colours, typography, or even its size.

What this means for your business is that if your signage is dull, dated, and far from being memorable it is easily ignored, and so it hardly contributes to your business. After all, who is going to want to enter a business’s premises when the signs outside act as a deterrent rather than a magnet?

So, hopefully, you accept that having amazing business signage is crucial, but the question is what does it take to make such signs? Well, there are professional sign installation companies who can help, but they will want your input. It is your business and who knows what attracts your customers better than you?

To help you give your sign installation company as many ideas as possible, we thought it would be useful to highlight some ways to make business signs memorable. As such here are seven ways to give your business signs the “WOW” factor that will have heads turning to see them and then hopefully more people visiting the business that has those incredible signs, namely, your business.

Vibrant Colours: We guarantee that if you walk or drive about town looking for business signs, the ones that will stand out to you will almost certainly be colourful. Further, they will use bright, bold, vibrant colours that are almost impossible to ignore, and which draw attention to the signage.

Custom Shapes: You will find that lots of business signs have shapes, but the vast majority of these will be standard shapes like squares and rectangles. Be different if you are going to have a shape in your signs, and use less common shapes like octagons, ovals, or even a custom shape.

Big Is Best: Whilst there might be some limitations based on your business premises and its location, you should opt for the biggest signs that are possible. Large signs are noticeable and can dominate a retail or business park meaning it is your store or business that prospective customers are most aware of.

Unique Fonts: When it comes to the typography used in your business signs, you should not be asking for the same old fonts that every other sign has. Instead, choose a font that is distinctive and bold and is also extremely easy to read to ensure that any message or tagline the sign has is fully understood.

Unique Imagery: Another important element of many signs is the imagery used. This can range from a simple logo to a detailed image but in either case, your sign will have more impact if the image on it is unique.

Use Floor Graphics: Sign installation can be done in many ways and at many locations in and around your business. One of the most unusual, but also most effective, is floor graphics. Customers, when walking around will always be attracted to signs on the floor and you will often see them pause to look at them.

Fabric Has Its Place: Maybe not suitable for your main signage, but fabric signs do have uses and can be effective for banners, flags, and promotional displays such as for sales. Other advantages are that they are usually portable, can be printed with lots of colour and imagery, and usually cost less than fixed signage.