5 Ways Web Designers Can Perfect Their Elevator Pitch

5 Ways Web Designers Can Perfect Their Elevator Pitch

For web designers who have read the title and wondering what an elevator pitch is, here is an explanation. Unfortunately, we cannot give credit to anyone for first using the term “elevator pitch” because there are numerous names suggested as to who was the first person to use it, and the list includes an elevator safety device inventor, journalists, authors, and a telecoms technician.

However, what is not in dispute is the definition of an elevator pitch which is how you would try to advocate a product or service to someone in an elevator, with the main constraint being that most elevator rides take no longer than 30 seconds to 60 minutes on average. In other words, your elevator pitch has to be concise.

So, have you ever considered how you would pitch your web design services to a person beside you in an elevator, and could you deliver that pitch in the time that the elevator takes to complete its ascent or descent? What you must appreciate is an elevator pitch is not just for pitching your services when in an elevator, but in all circumstances and locations where you only have a short time to explain what you do and how it can benefit the person you are talking to.

An excellent elevator pitch can be an extremely useful tool for you to promote your web design skills and services to people you meet in all sorts of places such as a bar, a restaurant, an aircraft, a train, or simply standing in a queue at the bank. The opportunities are limitless, but even so, they will be for nothing if your elevator pitch is poor. That is why we have outlined 5 ways you can make your elevator pitch as close to perfect as it can be.